We Gotta Take This Jungle By Force

by Wolf Porn

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Jungles 02:03
We gotta take this jungle by force I forget what to do at night Do I close my eyes, do I shut them tight? I'm okay, man I'm alright, dude I forget what to do at day Do i fall in love, do I go away? I'm a caveman I don't like you
Baby give that cold cold blood just a second to get warm And then defend yourself Baby if you get too slick then your organs will slip through Unless your bones are dry And soaking everything lately that maybe tainted you I'm so confused as to whether the marrow painted through And if you started crying I bet, your skeleton would break and form a galaxy outside our own Baby give that black black hole just a second to close up and the erase yourself
Dirty Olney 03:24
There's no way, sort it out now, we can't wait, we'll compare it nothing It's so real, throw it all down, it's too late. let's figure we're touching You said "i'm not impressed by you and i don't feel like fucking" You just shift into monster mode, and try to get shocking Oh, Dirty Olney It's too much, get it all out, for god sake, compare it something It's bad taste, growing up fast, it's so big, you give in to crushing Take it out of me like a parasite, child prodigy, boom, like an oddity No apologies, just neophytes, child prodigies, boom get it out of me
vacant, sulking sounds let me go on my own stationed ghosts make sure I'm okay on my own take my small and haunted secrets to your grave And I'm not your favorite one of all your sickly friends And even when you're dead, your body still pretends Mating hosts make sure I'm okay Testing dirt before I'm in flames Oh no! I'm in a dusty fire! We Gotta get out of here!
I can't pass up a chance to prove that I've been floating all along in the deep end I rub salt in my wounds just to make them seem fresh like a ripening baby Oh, drowning is someone else I can't wait long to sort them out when they're underground I can't see through these eyes, that've been ravaged by dogs and left bloody in their sockets I can't talk to these guys, who've been standing in heat like two smart devils I bet you're picking up a scent in a classy sort of basement and lock the smells up in a mason and put it on the shelf until the bugs can drown in it I've waited too long in the pool to write my skin off as a costume and testify then that i lost you and reconcile things by drowning like an amputee I function so high in the deep end
who can un-straighten my spine? and who can try to contradict time again? And who's been giving out my lines? They're mine And who's been making blood look fine? And tell me where you get your glare And how'd you learn your red hot stare? And how does light escape those eyes? How lonely are we that we use dark matter to light our way? Who will fill this void with chaos?
say that i should stay, i fucked your perfect little system in a good way I'm in and out like shadow figures on a dark day And though it feels rough, it's lubricated by denial and I can't believe how easy it makes it to sing Would you come after me if I did a bad thing? Slick like a newborn, this kind of leverage makes me sick like a shoehorn But take advantage, make it quick like a blue mourn And though it feels rough, it's lubricated by denial and I can't believe how easy it makes it to sing Would you come after me if I did a bad thing Come at my like a with lord, and ill be plaguing on your world. but if its happening Go find a sick girl, and go be plaguing on her world, it isn't happening Building on a dead star, you're making everybody cry, its tasteless Come at me like a with world and ill be plaguing on your world
I swear to god I'm coming down off some kind of high cause baby I'm afraid of you I've been known to get inside the empty shell of fear, but baby you've been getting in Who's been letting your kind in? Maybe I've taken to a bad, bad scene made for me But i won't hesitate to cut you out, one two three Lift the continents, baby it's a light world I said, god damn honey look at that white girl I'd wreck that pussy in a second if you'd let me Like a bang bang motherfucking gangster in your bedsheets Faced with the kind of sickness that plagues me I can't believe it's so hard to be giving me Some kind of shallow affection
What if I don't sleep too well in Malmo, i die like a ghost avenged by his son What if i look translucent that I'll know I tried, like a seeing eye in these woods and all this time I claimed to be a wonder boy It's real close but is it really such a secret? I don't mind, you know it's not that bad It's okay, but did you really have to keep it? It's alright, you know it's not so bad I hope you didn't just pass without looking around, cause honey that would cost you
Tiger Drugs 01:36
Tiger Drugs I'm pretty sure That I can't die Yeah I went there I'll be that guy who know's in eighty years I'm pretty sure My flesh recycles Yeah, I went there I'll be that guy who knows in eighty years And if i was meant to see fire It'll only happen in the end


released February 13, 2013


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Wolf Porn Providence, Rhode Island

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