In The Wake Of A Pale And Wicked Storm

by Wolf Porn

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released July 13, 2012



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Wolf Porn Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Naked Amputee
I've been drowned like
a naked amputee in a quarry
and only in your wild dreams sorry for
Limping around like a flaccid white flesh in the winter
and only in the wake did you ever really want it

You usually sound like
You're giving us more than a story
and sucking up juice from the glory hole
and tasting your own rights, and spitting them back to your babies
Only in the wake of a pale and wicked storm
Track Name: How Awful Of Them Girls
I let my light in
I think it's all for me
My fingers tighten knowing equality's just for the dying
The shade of a taller tree

I bite my lighter
I suck the flames from thee
Bet she's a fighter, bet she's got fallacy
I'm just a guider, I guide her face to me

And i'm undecided, but Oh, how awful of them girls
To do that to someone enlightened
Feeding the sun right off their breast

We could get on this, but only if you flight that fight
We could be honest, but only if it feels alright
Now you're such a goddess, a god with a policy
Track Name: Milkmaids
Milkmaids, i know you all deliver only sometimes
King's milk is made from gold and silver
But i bet that it takes way longer to make than it does when they make mine
And oh my god, it's not fair for anyone
But i heard kings need to complain too
If by chance, you got a humble switch, turn it on

Rough ruse, a lifting lace will loop through, milking chances
Fit through until it's tight around you
But i bet if you change, no knots that are tied will keep, they'll just burst through

You make gold and you're still making someone cry
They cry bronze in a bucket and they don't know why
Track Name: Young Summer's Paradox
Old black sheep did save my daughter from a rabid dog
Tipping on the scales of a young summer's paradox
Unholy Greek unfolding right in front of me
Cooling on a stone
I've been unfriendly
I've been provoked
There's been no end to me
I write an ode, to sidestep honeys on a side road

Dusty friends don't wait for water on the desert ground
Sipping on their sweat in a young summer's paradox
Unruly sand right through me in the beady heat
Drying up alone

I've spent plenty of nights alone, I find, that I can see hind the bones of a streetlight

And I'd give a bucket of flesh to a ghost one night, if I could betray the spirit at my bedside
Track Name: Tin
Think like bees, they've got their secrets and, please, I bet they'd leave it to me

Make me a comedy, lets climb up the Try-Again Tree

Be their king, I bet they'd let me be seen, I bet they'd sweat me all clean
Shake me that remedy, let's conquer the Try-Again Tree

And I'm gonna be a business man, and I'll burn all my money on my own
And I'm gonna be a tin-tin man, and I'll find all my honey for my home
I listen to bugs and I show off my dance but my disappearance happens anyway
Track Name: Montreal Loves You

Oh Montreal, yeah I'm pretty sure it loves you
Track Name: Local Sluts
Don't you get ideas like I'm your friend
I was hoping the game would get you outside
I was hoping my name would coax out your lies
Maybe I'm the lucky one for losing my sight
I was hoping your tears would turn your face blue
I was hoping my fears would find someone new
Maybe i'm the lucky one for going deaf so soon
Track Name: I Shake My Mother's Habits
I shake my mother's habits before I'm a star
And oh i know, my daddy ain't gone so far
The rabbits know I'm a star
And oh i know, my dadd won't go so far

You never made me smile
Track Name: Mirror Fears
There's something bitter on this wine list, son
Lets get a honey drink to share
I'm fighting just to keep my choices on
I'll be complaining when it's fair

And I won't stop 'til my reflection looks as old as me
My fears are hanging in these mirrors that break so perfectly